The Law of Attraction and Power of Positive Thought

The law of attraction is one of the laws that govern the universe or in simplest words ‘ like attracts like’. To understand what is the law of attraction and the power of thought, you just need to apply it in practice, because the definition is very simple and doesn’t require any philosophical […]

8 Best Home Remedies for Sore throat

Throat infections are one of the most common diseases that we can suffer and also the most annoying. It is caused by inflammation of the throat, which in scientific terms is called acute pharyngitis. In some cases, sore throat may also infect adenoids or tonsils. Sore throat is most commonly caused by […]

9 Essentials Tips Before Hiring a Car Insurance?

Many of us thought that insurance is synonymous with bad investment because it can be expensive money and can spend some time without any kind of inconvenience and without having to ask for the compensation to which you are entitled. Although there may be so many people have lost their […]

What is Enlightenment & Karma? How the Renaissance works?

What is Enlightenment? If you look at what the Buddha discovered about mind 2550 years ago, we find that he realized that mind is clear light. The mind is not born, and can not die. Even though bodies, thoughts and feelings appear, change and disappear again, mind itself being open, […]

4 Delicious Turmeric Smoothie For Antioxidant And Anti-Inflammatory Boost

Turmeric Smoothie – So Tasty, It Has One of the Most Powerful Antioxidants In The World. Curcumin, the natural pigment that gives the spice turmeric its yellow color. Turmeric smoothie has anti-cancerous as well as great antioxidant properties, it is also potent anti-inflammatories, as well as anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. […]

12 Collective Reason To Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

We are mostly looking for natural tips or tricks to improve our health naturally and we often hear about the rest famous lemon water. So what are the virtues of lemon ? Is the water Lemon really a miracle cure? With 34.3 calories per 100 grams of fresh pulp , […]