10 House Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Make Your Home Shine Like Never Before

Each housewife has its own secrets and preferences for cleaning. But to learn something new never hurts. Most people associated with the cleaning routine, fatigue and hard work. But in reality, there are a few simple tips on cleaning the apartment or home that will improve and facilitate the process of restoring order and cleanliness in the house, and most importantly – to change his inner attitude to the process of cleaning.

Cleaning is a habit and healthy, which brings benefits to the environment and who is around you. Keep the cleaning habits always requires several types of products needed to perform a variety of cleaning types.

-Good habits affects the habits of children, it developing a sense of duty and perseverance. From early childhood, encourage your children to appreciate the purity, to keep in order their personal belongings and toys. Introduce children to provide help when cleaning the housing, giving them some simple instructions that will later become their permanent responsibility.

-To wipe spots of the mirrors, mix one cup of vinegar in 3.5 liters of water apply on a sponge and apply it directly. Then, buff the glass with a cloth or paper towel. Another tip is to dip a sheet of newspaper crumpled in the vinegar and go in the mirror, then wipe clean with another newspaper and then wipe clean and dry.

-A few minutes give indoor plants a soft towel wipe the dust from the leaves, wash them and remove the dried leaves. If you open window in winter, the pots are covered with a newspaper. In the summer, in warm weather, take out the flowers to fresh air. Wash the vase, where are cut flowers, change water in them.

-Take a few drops of essence of peppermint, lavender or pink in the bag of the vacuum cleaner because the house does smell good while the steps.

-Use natural cleansing such as lemon, baking soda, salt and vinegar. They have surprisingly good cleaning and antiseptic effects. Don’t forget the basic rule of a household cleaning.

-Listen to music while cleaning makes it seem like time passes faster. Of course, not necessarily have to make a playlist, you could just turn on the radio and put your favorite station.

-To clean the microwave the only thing you have to do is enter a cup of vinegar and turn on the microwave for 1 minute. After we pass a damp cloth on the inside and we will have our microwave ready-to-use and as new.

-The best trick to clean and remove the grease from the grill is by using an half cut onion. To clean the grill we have to place the onion with the fleshy part upside down and rub the grates of the grill. Be clean and with a scent of onion, perfect for the upcoming barbecue.

-To clean the dust of a room, put a pillow case around one of the propeller blades of the ceiling fan. When you turn on the fan, the pillowcase will act to filter and gather the dust in his interior.

-Mix little baking soda and water in a small container. Once the paste formed spread it on top of the vomiting and let that during the night. Once this is dry, you can move the vacuum cleaner and the carpet will be clean as before.


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