33 Money Saving Tips Everybody Should Use!

Henry Ford said that the money saved was the money earned. It is difficult to argue with this statement. Some people earn little, but due to the ability to properly use of the funds, they save their money. Others, on the contrary, some seems to have high earnings, but constantly feel the lack of money even for most basic needs.

If one of your goals is to save money, you should make a few changes to your lifestyle to save some of your hard – earned money. Remember that the money saved is the money earned!

Money Saving Tips Everybody Must Follow

-If you put in the head to save each month a little money, why not open a savings deposit where you can keep the money. Maybe with the ability to make it fruitful, by choosing a bank with a high interest rate. Choose possibly an account deposit, so do not be tempted to withdraw immediately the money.

-Before you go for the necessary shopping, make a detailed list of items that you need to purchase. This way you will know exactly how much and what you need to buy. Strictly follow the compiled list, and do not allow yourself unplanned, spontaneous purchases.

-Take a notebook or a notepad where you write down all the expenses during the day. Bring it always with you and mark all the daily expenses, in order to understand where we tend to spend more and take control of their money.

-Go shopping only full. Scientists have already proved that if you go shopping hungry, you want to buy everything! You spend much more money than you need, or you want to spend. So before going to the store be sure to eat well and hearty. This will help you to think” soberly ” and make more informed decisions.

-Do not buy branded items- This rule applies not only to clothing and equipment, but also to all other spheres of life. It is not necessary to overpay for a thing double the price solely because it is widely advertised. It is better to look for clothes of an unknown company, which will have all the qualities that the brand. Alternatively, you can look into stock-shops that sell clothes that are not sold in season. It costs much cheaper and due to this you can save well.

-Do not waste time and money on a daily shopping trip. Make purchases in bulk-once or twice a month, and go to the store if necessary for bread or fresh milk.

-Just note how much money you spend per month on the packaging, which ultimately ends up in the trash. Bags, plastic containers, bottles and jars are all necessary things, but you can save on them by making them reusable. For example, you can buy milk at the spill with your bottle, not overpaying each time for a new one. Packages can be replaced with a reusable rag bag. So you not only save money. but also take care of the cleanliness of the environment.

-Say no to credit cards- As far as credit cards are tempting, at the end you will be overwhelmed by debts. Always be careful and be suspicious of offers that seem attractive. If you can, do not engage ever with a credit card.

-You can save on the purchase of medicines. And if you spend a little time searching for information about similar products of the pharmaceutical industry, you will be able to pay for the drug you need ten times less.

-Live within your means- I want to start with the banal things. You should not buy things that you frankly can not afford. For example, it is absolutely wrong to buy an expensive car of the Executive class, when your finances are not enough even for a used car. In this case, you will have to take crazy loans or borrow large sums, which means that instead of saving your budget will have an extra line of costs. If you are on the path of saving money, try to live within your means. It is better to set financial goals, for example, to save money for a laptop or to raise funds for a trip abroad.

-Lower the intensity of the cooling in the fridge in the winter. In general, a temperature of about 4-5 degrees Celsius in the area of maintenance, may retain for several days the food without the freeze, while a chilling temperature on the level of 15-17 degrees below zero is enough to preserve frozen foods and to “produce” ice cubes.

-The dryer of the washing machine can be blocked when the lint from clothes accumulate in the vent. A few times a year clean the lint with a vacuum cleaner. So you will avoid to pay a technician to unblock the dryer.

-Instead of buying a new phone every year, change the battery. If your phone is starting to slow down, don’t waste hundreds of dollars on new software and/or new devices. Go for replacement of the battery.

-With an increase in heating or cooling by just one degree, electricity consumption will increase by about 5 to 10 percent. To less spend, remember that you can set the thermostat at 18-20 degrees Celsius in winter and 25-27 degrees Celsius in summer.

-Breastfeeding is not only the best alternative nutrition for the baby. You will also save a lot of money for the artificial milk, especially during the first year of life of the small.

-Going out with friends does not necessarily have to be expensive and, to help the savings target, you can choose to participate in the free events that take place in the city. How to find them? Just do a search on local newspapers or on social media. And, maybe, you can encounter an event in which the drink is free!


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