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33 Tips for travel, Pleasure, Adventure and Common Sense


Take less stuff

You should try to travel only with hand luggage. Do you really need six pairs of shoes and an iron ? If you carry less, you’ll travel cheaper (no baggage fees), faster (no waiting to retrieve your bags) and easier (one bag means less things to carry around during your travel by plane).


It doesn’t matter if you talk to the Manager in the hostel or to a passer – by on the street-smile as often as possible. When you smile, you immediately begin to seem more pleasant to others, which can lead to an interesting conversation or acquaintance. You’ll be surprised how far a simple smile can take a stranger on the street!

Learn a few words

Memorize a few words of the local language, and have the courage to use them ! It’s amazing how a few words can do a lot. People tend to prefer those who make the effort to communicate with them in their own language.

Language and common phrases

Learn at least 15 common phrases in the local language. Something like “Hello”, “thank you”,” Yes ” and so on. They may not always help you, but they will definitely melt even the coldest hearts of the locals. When people see that you respect their culture, they treat you very differently.

Use your body language

When there is a language barrier, shouting in his native language doesn’t help much. Then use your body. It is the language most international in the world. And don’t forget to punctuate it with a smile.

When checking into the hotel, take their business card

If you get lost, you can at least return by taxi. Or just show the address to the locals. Even if they do not know English, they can somehow help you out. In addition, the hotel phone number can sometimes be useful. And also take picture of hotel.

Take pictures, but not all the time

If you are traveling for the first time, then most likely you will want to capture every little thing that will meet on your way. While it’s great to bring a lot of memories from a trip, it’s important to really enjoy the journey instead of trying to document every second of it. There are things that are better to enjoy without a camera in your hand.

Scan or take a photo of your documents

Throw in the cloud or send yourself in the mail scans of passport, visa, rights, insurance and tickets. Of course, across the border with a photo of a visa you will not miss. But in the case of loss of documents the availability of copies will simplify the procedure a little. In addition, you will have at least some identity card in case of communication with the police.

Carry a simple first aid kit

At least put a patch in your purse or wallet, a couple of pain pills and something that may be useful to you personally. For example, I always have Allergy medication with me.

Make friends

When I put my travels away in my memory, my best memories are not about the places I have seen, but about the people I have met. Take time to make friends with other travelers or locals. I can’t help wondering how much I’ve grown up learning more about the similarities and differences between people.

Ask the locals where their favorite restaurant is

Tourist areas with unusual restaurants are certainly not bad and can be quite fun. But often somewhere very close can hide some great institution, which is not particularly stands out appearance. But that is where you will be able to experience the true atmosphere of the city… and lunch at half the price.


When you travel, you turn into a calorie burning machine. Don’t hesitate to get your stomach full during the trip and don’t worry about little things like sugar or fats. Even if you absorb a monstrous amount of food, you will still have all the chances to return home much thinner.

Allow yourself to miss what you are not interested in

Don’t force yourself to do something you’re not interested in. For example, if you find yourself in some famous place, and it does not touch you at all, then no one forces you to be there! What is a treasure to others may well be something unremarkable to you: it is normal.

Rest in time

It is very important to sleep properly when you have plans to drive on a trip. It’s not safe to take the risk to drive while you are tired after can cost you very expensive. Stop for a rest in a hotel for at least 8 hours before you decide to drive again.


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