7 Must Follow Rules for Healthy Microflora

When we take antibiotics, they literally burn the microflora, and kill useful bacteria, so the doctors say that we need to restore microbiome as soon as possible. It is known that the inner shell, tissue our own intestines, is fully updated every 3-5 days. The old shell Sluschivaetsya and must be removed. If there is no release, the slushhennye cells, as the studies show, can become the source of cancer cells.

The question is, how do we do, in a compressed time-when a little bit of time is available-to return the amount of movement, activity that is laid for normal digestion evolution? By complying with these rules, you improve your microbiome (the community of bacteria living in your body), and you can eventually become leaner, healthier and happier.

1. Search the stores for the “living” yogurts, with the smallest shelf life. They have more tangible bacteria in them.

2. Eat uses products-the latest scientific evidence shows that they are also rich in useful bacteria that are well residing in our intestines. These products include urine apples, cabbage cabbage, kimchi (Korean snack from fermented vegetables), Japanese soybean nattō.

3. There are more and more diverse plants-they contain food fibres-prebiotics, which makes it possible for bacteria living in the intestine to eat more food.

4. Confine products with preservatives-because of them the diversity of bacteria is decreasing in our body.

5. Do not abuse the antibiotics, in any case do not be self-medication.

6. More move, from Fiznagruzok to Microflora, the most useful are those with “all shaking”: running, dancing, aerobics.

7. Avoid a monoone-sided diet diet. Because of them, as with preservatives and antibiotics, the variety of bacteria in our system decreases and ultimately increases the risk of obesity.

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