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This Giant Cave In China Has 100 People Living Inside, A Basketball Court And Even Had A School

Zhongdong village in Guizhou Province, China, is believed to be the country’s only inhabited, year-round settlement located inside a naturally occurring cave. At 1800 meters (almost 6000 ft) above sea level, the cave can only be accessed by a one hour hike, and because of such inaccessibility, the community struggles to survive. To make matters […]


23 Companies That Will Help You Travel The World For Free or Even Pay You To Do It

By Laura Begley Bloom | Forbes.com Think you can’t afford to go on vacation? Think again. A Wisconsin-based teacher and author with a passion for Spain, Abbey Algiers looks for inexpensive ways to take trips on her summer holidays. So when she discovered Diverbo, she couldn’t believe it. Diverbo offers free vacations for English speakers willing to spend a week mingling […]