Continued Research Supports the Theory that Water has Memory and Consciousness

Most of us already know at least something about the amazing nature of water and its ability be imprinted by thoughts, intentions, images and sounds thanks to the late and legendary Masaru Emoto.

In case you haven’t heard, through his experiments Emoto demonstrated that water will actually change its structure at the molecular level according to the stimuli it is subjected to. To show this, Emoto took various water samples and played different musical tones to it, subjected it to various types of music, thoughts from meditators, images, and even words.  He found that without fail, harmonious sounds, images, and thoughts caused the water molecules to form beautiful and brilliant patterns whereas aggressive or negative input didn’t cause the water to form patters at all or if they did they appeared smashed or mutated.

Now that research is being carried on by various other scientists.  Filmmaker and metaphysical ecologist David Sereda suggests that water has consciousness and a memory and that water that has been ‘restructured’ could be healing for the human body.  After all, humans are composed of nearly 70% water, so it would make sense that water could hold a key to our healing and re-calibration into a greater degree of evolution.

Sereda exposed water to different music, such as the audio frequency of the sun and found that the water formed beautiful patterns. He then gave the water to a test subject whose blood was analyzed and showed signs of improved health.

The possible future applications of restructured water are nearly limitless and could provide solutions to major issues like human health and consciousness, pollution, nuclear waste, and more.

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