How Juice Therapy works and What are its Benefits?

It has long been known that fresh juices are a powerful weapon against a whole bunch of diseases. Numerous studies on this topic have shown the effectiveness of juice therapy in the treatment of infectious diseases and even stomach ulcers. The freshness of the juice is main condition for juice therapy. It should be obtained with an electric juicer of fruits, vegetables, herbs and cereals, and consume as quickly as possible. Raw vegetable and fruits juices are an excellent treatment for many diseases. The more juices we drink, the sooner we will achieve the desired results during the treatment.

What vegetables and fruits are suitable for juice therapy. So-called organic products (grown on environmentally friendly soils without the use of pesticides and herbicides) are ideal for juice therapy, because one of its main goals is to detoxify the body. The “cleaner” the juice, the more chances you have to remove toxins from the body.

Organic products typically contain up to 15 times more nutrients than conventional ones. Fruit juices are very useful, as well as raw vegetable juices; they have a large amount of vitamins and enzymes, contribute to the removal of toxins from the body. Raw fruit juices are used to maintain health and treat many diseases.

If you can not afford organic products, try to at least find homemade vegetables and fruits – from the garden. Fresh juices are many times more suitable for juice therapy than prepared in advance and pasteurized, or recovered from concentrate, available in stores. These juices are processed at such a high temperature and their most useful substances and vitamins die or are destroyed during storage.

What are the benefits of juice therapy

Juice therapy is a way to restore alkaline balance in the body. The fact is that the food present in our daily diet is acidic (in particular, meat , sweets and fast food). The same acidic becomes and poorly digested food in the digestive tract. The acidic internal environment prevents the absorption of nutrients. A vicious circle is formed, which leads to hunger at the cellular level, the accumulation of toxins and decay nutrients products in the body.

Juice therapy is a great way to quickly deliver nutrients directly to starving cells. Fresh juices are very easy to digest, which means that the body does not have to spend extra energy to get these nutrients. Raw juices are especially useful for people recovering from illness or injuries.

Fragrant nectar’s and 100% juice from natural ingredients stimulate digestion, support the immune system, relieve chronic fatigue syndrome and encourage the elimination of toxins from the body.

Why not just eat vegetables and fruits?

Supporters of juice therapy note that the most valuable part of fruits and vegetables is blocked. Raw fruits and vegetables should be very carefully and long chew to fully experience all their benefits. Mechanical juicer produces this chewing for you, which helps to quickly assimilate nutrients from plants.

Some vegetables, herbs, cereals also contain juices, which are very useful, but many people find it unpleasant or impossible to chew these raw products, especially in large quantities. But the juicer will perfectly deal with the problem. Thus obtained juice can be drunk separately, and can be mixed with fruit juice.

A few secrets must be remember before go for juice therapy

-Buy fresh vegetables and fruits.
-Remove the seed and bones, but you can leave the stems if it is well washed.
-Cut the pods into small pieces.
-Make juice with juicer. Some foods, such as bananas, do not contain enough water to make them real juice, but you can create a “cocktail” by mixing the banana with other fruits (such as strawberries).
-Raw spinach and cabbage go well with most juices.
-Serve fresh juices immediately for the most effective juice therapy. Juices can be stored in the refrigerator, but they quickly begin to lose nutrients.

Carrot juice-helps to bring the whole body to a normal state. It is a source of vitamin A, it also contains a large amount of vitamins B, C, D, E.

Therapeutic effect:
* improves digestion and tooth structure;
• it is a good way to improve vision.,
* treats liver, skin inflammation and other skin diseases.

Drink 200 to 600 ml of juice per day for several weeks.

Watermelon juice: this is of course summer and autumn juice, so the watermelon juice used to clean the body of toxins and excess fluid. Watermelon juice is a strong diuretic, so it copes with swelling of the joints and helps with diseases of gout and rheumatism. For the best result, it is necessary to undergo a two-week course for the treatment of joints swelling or pain. Drink daily about half a liter of watermelon water.

Tomato fresh juice improves the performance of the immune and cardiovascular system, is an effective means of preventing atherosclerosis, normalizes the balance of lipoprotein compounds. If you regularly consume tomato juice, the metabolism will improve, and the body will not experience a deficiency of ascorbic acid, potassium and lycopene. The latter substance according to the results of recent studies contributes to the slowdown in the development of cancer diseases.

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