How to Lose Weight Effectively & Without Harming Your Health?

The problem of weight loss is very relevant in the modern world. Each year, millions of people, around the world, are proposed to lose weight and most don’t make it. There are a large number of tips, methods and diets for losing weight but, which are the ones that really work?

Indeed, excess weight entails a lot of problems, ranging from hypertension and joint problems and ending with depression. Any dietitian will say that you can lose weight only by making maximum effort to this process.


If you want to lose weight, take a firm decision

If you really decided to lose weight effectively for yourself, approach this issue very responsibly and do not let anyone and anything get yourself off the chosen path (especially do not give in to your own persuasions to eat something tasty, but high-calorie). Choose a favorable time for yourself, be positive and do not deviate from your goal. Even if you are very overweight, you can lose it, the main thing — do not rush and believe in success. From the same day, when you are determined to lose weight effectively, read to feel as if you have already lost a few pounds.

To lose weight effectively, lose weight slowly

Don’t try to lose more than 1 kg per week (this is the maximum allowed amount)! If you are determined to lose weight effectively, lose weight slowly-3-4 kg per month. No strict diets and special tablets! Don’t be discouraged by the slow pace. But it is reliable and the result will be stable. You will not harm your health, especially if you are very overweight.

Dark Room Environment

Some people can’t sleep without watching TV. It depends on everyone, of course, but if you are serious about weight loss, you should choose to dark room and just sleep in bed. According to the Journal of biologic rhythms, sleeping light-less environment, allowing you to sleep in a healthy and deep manner. Exposure to unnatural light cycles is increasingly associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome. Light stimulate and disrupts the molecular circadian rhythms and slows down your metabolism while you sleep.

Chewing Gum

Strange as it sounds, but lose weight with chewing gum is quite possible. Chewing gum helps to lose weight, according to scientists from the United States. In their opinion, the use of chewing gum allows people on a diet to speed up the process of weight loss and get rid of the pangs of hunger.

The explanation is quite simple: the process of chewing as it deceives the brain, causing it to block the feeling of hunger. Thus, the appetite is reduced, and the extra pounds go away.

Broccoli or ginger

Add these products to your food, they will help to speed up your metabolism and lose weight. Ginger will also help control anxiety and reduce the desire to chew something.

Heat for fat burning

You can apply a hot compress to the problem areas of the body and leave it there until it cools down. You can also use a hair dryer, it will give the same results. Be careful, don’t burn yourself!

Let’s remember some simple tips for those who want to lose weight and maintain a new shape:

1. Do not eat in the evening 3 hours before bedtime (if you are very hungry, you can drink a small glass of low-fat kefir before bedtime)

2. Eat only natural and freshly prepared foods. No semi-finished products and substitutes!

3. Drink about 2-3 liters of water per day. It is water, not tea, coffee, drinks, etc.

4. Consistently exclude bakery products from your diet such as flour, cakes, pastries; refined sugar; products containing saturated fats (fatty meats, fat, fatty dairy products) and TRANS fats (margarine, a lot of different sweet pastries and cakes).

5. Include more fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh juices in your diet.

6. Once a week, arrange a fasting day or a one-day diet, which there are many.

7. You can arrange one “hungry” day 1-2 times a month, using only water. This day is useful for removing toxins from the body.

8. Sleep 7-8 hours a day. This is necessary for normal metabolism

9. Move more and breathe fresh air!


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