How to Prepare a Milkshake With Strawberries? 3 Delicious Recipes!

Strawberries are not only tasty, but also extremely useful. It improves digestion, restores appetite, stimulates metabolism, removes toxins. Folk medicine recommends it for intestinal diseases, gastritis, hypertension, sclerosis, anemia. You can enjoy strawberry milkshakes any time at all. The best part is, it only takes a few minutes to make the perfect strawberry milkshake.

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe- Learn how to make Strawberry Milkshake.


Milk shake with strawberry ” Vanilla»

This is an exquisite drink with a delicate aromatic taste.

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

strawberry-150 g;
milk-150 g;
cream 20% fat-75 g;
vanilla sugar-25 g (2 sachets).

Preparation time — 15 min.

Calories — 90 kcal (180 — piece).


Berries prepare, as described above. Then wipe them through a sieve or grind in a blender.

Next, add all the ingredients, whisk everything well until the formation of fluffy foam.

Pour over the glasses and serve to the table.

Milk shake with strawberries and banana

In this recipe, sugar is present only in its natural form. The finished drink is a gentle, pleasant taste. Therefore, it is ideal for babies.

Ingredients (3 servings):

milk-300 ml;
strawberry-150 g;
banana (medium size) – 1 PC –

Preparation time — 15 min.

Caloric content-55 kcal (110 kcal per serving).


Before preparing a banana cocktail, it is desirable to cool. It is possible for a few minutes to put it in a purified form in the freezer.

Then cut the banana into slices and together with strawberries grind in a blender.

Fill the mixture with milk and beat well.

Pour milkshake of strawberry and banana in cups, as a decoration can be put on top a few slices of banana and strawberry pieces.


Milk shake with strawberry juice and yolks

This drink can be used for Breakfast.

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

strawberry juice-300 ml;
milk-100 ml;
egg yolks-3 PCs — ;
sugar – 50 g (3 tbsp).

Preparation time-20 min.

Caloric content-95 kcal (190 kcal per serving).


We grind egg yolks with sugar, pour them with boiling milk, stir quickly and cool.

Strawberry juice in a thin stream pour in milk-egg mixture.

All whisk into a thick foam. Cool and serve to the table.

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