What is Law of Attraction? How it Works on Our Life?

Everyone has heard that the law of attraction and the power of thought working today and proved by scientists as a real force attracting into our lives the circumstances, problems, success, people, depending on what we think and how to correctly use the law of attraction. Of course not many today try to use this law and a secret, revealed only recently, but there are those who have already experienced in practice, and proved that it works.

Every thought no matter positive or negative, has energy. Life realizes what has more energy, and not what we want or don’t want. Have you noticed, that carried out much of what you wanted, feared, not loved. Why is this happening? The answer is that you so badly don’t want it happened that constantly thinking how to avoid it. Using this approach, you focus all their attention exactly on what you want. You invest energy in something you do not want, and so it is attracted to you.

How Law of Attraction Works

Learn to be grateful for the good that happens in your life. If you are faced with an unpleasant situation, try to remain calm and do the following: try to understand why you got into this situation, make appropriate findings, treat the situation as the experience which will not be repeated, and finally forget about the situation.

Visualization of desires

Be sure to enjoy a visualization of dreams. For this there are many techniques, but the most common is the creation of a Board of visualization. It may serve as a magnetic Board where you will mount the image that symbolizes your dreams and an ordinary sheet of drawing paper. It is possible to paste the same images, photographs, articles, etc. it is Important to hang a Board in such place so you can regularly see it and constantly thinking about your desires.

We attract our destiny

To understand what the law of attraction and the power of thought, you just need to apply it in practice, because the definition is very simple and does not require any philosophical abstruse and incomprehensible phrases. There is nothing easier than just the law of gravity, which attracts everything that you think, feel and meditate often. This is the definition as everything else not matter.

Learn to thank life for all the good that is happening to you

It will learn how. It is the same skill as brushing your teeth. Right now take a break from reading and write a minimum of 100 items for which you are already grateful for Life. Do not skip this exercise.

Desire should be clearly stated

The accuracy of the wording significantly affects the quality of its execution. For example, “want to go abroad” is absolutely not equivalent to the phrase “I want to Paris”. That is why the imaging professionals suggest not just dream, but to represent their wishes as reality.

Focus on Your Dream

At some point of time in your head must be spinning only one wish, then all your energy will be focused on its execution.

If something bad happen:

Analyze why it happened.
Make conclusions. Remember them and add to your experience.
Let go, move the focus to the positive components.


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