16 Signs of Luck or Signs of Change for the Better

Luck won’t hurt anyone. After all, sometimes all that is needed is to be at the right time in a right place. Therefore it is very important to be able to bring good luck into your life. And then, fate necessarily will some pleasant surprise.

And of course, the first thing to start with — is to tune in to positive thinking, and learn to notice the signs that indicate that soon there will be changes in your life for the better.
There are many signs that portend good luck and rising happiness. Notice these signs and then fortune will not keep you waiting.

Happy Signs

If you carefully observe the surrounding people and the world in General, you can see a lot of signs that promise happiness and well-being:
1. We saw a pregnant woman-fortunately in life.
2. A bird has built a nest on the roof of your house — also a happy sign.
3. Broke the dishes-for luck.
4. On a shoulder noticed a ladybug-to good changes in life.
5. Noticed a huge spider in the house-to wealth and prosperity.
6. Scattered grain-to family happiness.
7. Found near the house of a homeless kitten-your life will soon change for the better.

Lucky Signs of Destiny

1. You noticed a rusty nail on the street, do not rush to pass by. Take him home, and then with him you will bring your home well-being.
2. If the insect, and especially the fly, flew to your glass-wait for a happy news.
3. Butterfly flew into your house-expect great luck.
4. Accidentally faltered left foot-luck will be on your side for a long time.
5. Stand up with the right foot awake-will be happy.
6. Before an important meeting or interview it is raining-everything will pass like clockwork.
7. If you see a cat with tricolor color-expect happiness.
8.5 rubles on the street, lying up the coat of arms-will bring in a short time cash receipts.
9. The frog jumped past you-to a huge long happiness.

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