What is Numerology and its Significance? How to Calculate Life Path & Destiny Numbers?

According to Wikipedia, numerology is a section of esoteric-ism that studies the impact of digital vibrations on human life. This science is included in a number of basic esoteric predictive systems along with Tarot, palmistry and astrology. Each person is surrounded by a huge number of numbers throughout his life, starting with the numbers in the certificate of his birth. But most of us do not even suspect that they can influence the way of life and are a valuable source of information. Nevertheless, even in ancient times, our ancestors came to the conclusion that the numbers and human destinies are closely linked.

History About Numerology

Ancient people believed that the numbers control human life and endowed with their own mind. The ancient Greek scientist Pythagoras developed his own system of calculation, connected figures with planets of the solar system and assigned numbers to musical sounds, dividing them into tones. The figures were divided into even and odd, happy and bringing trouble. Who decided that the number 13 brings misfortune, and the number 7 expresses divine grace? Without realizing the mystical meaning of numbers, we believe in the number 13.

In numerology, there is a formula that States that any multi-digit numbers can be reduced to one single number. Each single number has occult characteristics, which have an impact on a person. Any Prime number has a set of images, properties and concepts inherent only to it. Digital playing cards are also based on the vibrations of numbers, behind which there are certain characteristics and images. Everyone is familiar with the cards, and many have heard about the predictive ability of the Gypsy deck. And Gypsy cards are nothing but numbers.

However, numerology differs from Gypsy maps in that it has a purely scientific approach and operates on the character of a person. For example, with the help of numerology, it is possible to describe the quality of a person, his hidden potential and calculate the prospect of life direction. With this system, you can determine the talents of a person, to find a purpose in life and profession. You can determine the compatibility of partners – both in love and in business.

According to numerology, your personality and life events are defined by three main aspects, which are reduced to primes from 1 to 9:

– date of birth;
– full name on the passport (Full Name, which is initially given at birth);
– a short name or nickname that is most often used by other people in relation to you.


This number expresses the sacred mystery of the spiritual beginning of any material phenomenon. Zero opens the numerical numerical series, embodying the beginning of all beginnings — the spiritual root of material objects.


This number expresses the male principle, will and creativity. These are leadership qualities, initiative, courage and confidence, independence and protection. This is a symbol of initiatives, the grain of the future project. If one fell in the number of fate, it speaks of the will qualities of man.


This number symbolizes the feminine – flexibility, flexibility, compromise, intuition, sensuality, caution, softness. However, deuce can encourage a person to deceit and lead to extremes.


In numerology, the triple expresses the child’s beginning. These are such qualities as optimism, joy, spontaneity, naivety, recklessness, ease. The three contains inspiration and creative impulses. This number also characterizes mood variability, frivolity and selfishness. People with the number three in the fate of not brought to the end, rely on the star of success. However, their dreams are not fruitless and always materialize.


This figure symbolizes the energy of the earth, practicality, limitations, limits, legality, stability. The four do not tend to dream, they lack imagination and inspiration. This is the number of pragmatists, businessmen, business executives and accountants. In its extreme expression, the four leads to ossification, narrow-mindedness and inappropriate conservatism.


This figure-symbol of change, transformation and modulation. It is the search for truth, constant movement and change. The five encourages people to travel, search for alternatives, dictates changes in fashion and art. Under this number innovators and adventurers are born. In extreme terms can lead a person to criticism, impulsive actions and nervousness.


This is the number of harmony, home comfort and care, empathy and honesty. People born under the number six are distinguished by humanism and good nature, the desire to come to the rescue in trouble. In extreme terms, the six can force a person to show excessive interest in others and a desire for domination.


This is the number of the non-material order, the personification of the mystical in the earthly manifestation. The seven gives the depth of knowledge of the essence of things, the ability to observe and compare. It is the number of intelligence and insight. In extreme terms, it can lead to perfectionism, self-digging, suspicion and distrust. This is the number of the unknown, the supernatural and the mystical.


This number expresses the material world-money, ambitions, achievements. The eight is the karmic number that represents punishment and justification, justice and power, revenge and retribution. In extreme cases, it can lead to cynicism and vanity.


This number symbolizes idealism, perfection, generosity and dedication. Born under the number nine have mercy and compassion and humanity. In extreme terms, the nine can lead to possessiveness, the desire to possess completely.

How to calculate your life path number?

Since the date of birth is not subject to change, its special vibrations have a constant formative effect on any event in your life. First, the main code encoded in the person’s birth date. To calculate it — add up all the numbers of the date of birth and reduce to a single number. The exception is the numbers 11 and 22-they do not need to be simplified, leave as it is.

For example, my date of birth is 31.10.1984:

3+1+1+0+1+9+8+4 = 27 = 2+7 =9.

A non-monetary numbers in numerology are:

1, 2, 3 and 7

If you are the owner of one of these codes — it does not mean that you will not have money. Such people simply need to work very hard (much more than the holders of money codes) to gain material benefits.

Calculate Your Life Path & Destiny Number Here

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